30 July 2009

what a PEACH-streets of buckhead

My home away from home growing up was Atlanta, Georgia. From the time when I was three-months-old, we would hop in a sleeper car on Amtrak and head for Peachtree Station to visit with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and a host of cousins. My favorite trip is always to Atlanta to see my relatives, dear friends and faithful Phi Mu sisters. Atlanta is a place where we enjoy pecan pancakes or shrimp grits for breakfast...sweet tea, yams, greens & black-eyed peas during dinner and my absolute favorite peach cobbler, which I could eat for every meal! Buckhead is my stomping ground and thanks to Ben Carter Properties, The Streets of Buckhead will be an ultra-fabulous addition to an already amazing part of the city. This exclusive dining and shopping mecca is set to open in Spring 2010 and it is certainly worth the wait! Check out the Streets of Buckhead website and bookmark this destination for one of your trips next Spring!

29 July 2009

webcast wednesday: cruising down lake shore drive

Fireworks over Lake Michigan along Lake Shore Drive-

26 July 2009

black is the new pink

Even this Preppy blogger knows when black is better than pink. One of those times is when it comes to my website, RikkiRagland.com. This weekend, I gave it a makeover from its old bubblegum pink color... to a snazzier midnight black with neon. It is also a bit more interactive with links that connect you to some TV hosting, blogging and twittering on the home page... as well as a page that takes you to my blog or to my Tweets. It also features my favorite jewelry designer, LeAnita, whose jewelry can be found around the necks of newscasters, top CEOs and socialites across the country. She also made a piece for First Lady, Michelle Obama, which can be found on her site as well.

25 July 2009

trend watch: DALLAS

Even though the balmy 3-digit temps have taken over the Metroplex, designers are rolling out their Fall fashion trends. Here is a sneak peek from one of my favorite shopping destinations-NorthPark.

24 July 2009

my latest summer read-

The book I am currently reading is very entertaining. The setting is the Summer of '45 in NYC-

23 July 2009

Preston takes on the Strip-

First, Preston wants to thank the Facebook folks who gave him a voice and had some fun with the "You Write the Caption" earlier this week. Y'all are a creative bunch! I will be sure to post a few more "create the caption" days with various pics in the future. Now it's time to wrap up Preston's trip. He's back from Vegas a penniless little sock monkey, but the fun he had along the way, was simply priceless-

22 July 2009

webcast wednesday: preppy tea partay

In honor of my upcoming high school reunion, I present a look at the Preppy tea "partay" a la the type of guys & gals I grew up with many moons ago. What a complete reminder of our madras & pearls wearing high school & college days. I still cannot believe that it has been decades since I gave a speech at high school graduation! Where have those days gone??
Tea Partay - Watch the best video clips here

20 July 2009

beyonce's tribute to michael jackson

A beautiful tribute to the late King of Pop sung to her hit, "Halo" during her performance in Chicago.

19 July 2009

beyonce's concert continues...single ladies are at the bottom

Prior to Beyonce's concert, some women were treated to a complimentary make-over and a tube of Extra-Volume Collagen mascara. My sister & I had a touch-ups by make-up artist Kenton... and received some hot make-up tips from artist, Denise Milloy. On our way into the concert, we ran into a very familiar team of guys. On stage, Beyonce was stunning in a white unitard and cape as she stood in front of a blue ocean background. On stage, one of Beyonce's dancers helped her do a quick change on stage into a bride while she sang, "Ave Maria" and "In the Arms of an Angel." Back into an edgier outfit- ...and into a long gold sequined gown for her stunning performance of "At Last." One of Beyonce's show highlights was a split screen of her performing as a child & her live performance on stage. Here is a snippet of Beyonce & her girls singing & dancing to the famous "Single Ladies".

18 July 2009

beyonce in concert part I

Beyonce took the United Center by storm last night! I can't give it to you all at once (after all, 314 photos were taken)...but here she is in "beyonce part I" including some video of her live in concert at the bottom ... more to come on sunday-