21 September 2020

Happy Everything! Deep In the Heart of Texas

When you grow up in six generations of Texans, you learn how to provide hospitality for your house guests pretty darn quick! 

I love to give out-of-towners a taste of the local life with a small spread of Texas magazines, Lone Star snacks and water in the guest room. 

My Happy Everything! big bowl with a touch of Texas attachment completes my “Welcome” swag! Best of all, the bowl is versatile with an array of attachments.

Find the bowl and attachments here:



09 September 2020

Walmart Mom!

I am excited to take part in the new spots that are rolling out for Walmart!

I have done my grocery shopping there for years and have had some serious savings on our grocery bill for our family of three. Imagine what the savings are like for bigger families! You can check out some price differences in my video: https://www.facebook.com/107789894390708/videos/320890095927821