03 November 2019

Cover Family: Lakeside Living

Thank you Lakeside Living Magazine for our wonderful feature in your November issue!

16 October 2019

10 October 2019

🥳 🎉 Happy Birthday!

When you and your favorite child share a birthday month! 

28 July 2019

Frank Underground Serves last Secret Supper 😢

It was a bittersweet night as our dear friends, Master Chefs Jennie Kelley, Ben Starr & Adrien Nieto served one of their final multi-course dinners at Frank Underground. Their secret 🤫 supper experience the past few years has been one of the most impactful culinary experiences ever.
Food, to the point.  
Cheers 🥂 to their next venture!!

Tone Deaf

03 July 2019

Summer Snakes

I love reptile prints...but not when they are on real reptiles on my doorstep!

Here is an effortless, yet chic look for any summer night. You will find it at

09 June 2019

Life's A Beach 🏖

I miss the old days at the beach in Evanston, IL! My family and friends had Friday night sings at the beach in Winnetka and afternoon strolls in Evanston. 🏖 

05 June 2019

Morning cup of Joe ☕️ Usually on the Go!

WHO has time for a quiet cup of coffee anymore? 
It seems as if everyone is always "on the go!" I remember a time when the world traveled a little bit slower and people were able to sip a hot coffee at home before getting out into the jungle of life. My go-to tumbler for my morning cup of joe sports some fabulous lashes. Below are a few pics for unicorn fans too. All can be found in my shop: Amazon.com/shop/rikkiragland

02 June 2019

The Yellow Rose of Texas!!

When you are an East Coaster born into seven generations of Texans, 
you become a Yellow Rose of Texas too! 

22 May 2019

🐾 Hangin' with My Rescue Hunter Wellington 🐶 🚌🛑

Hangin’ with Hunter Wellington! Yesterday was the last day to pick the kid up from the bus stop. This 4-legged one has been my bus stop buddy for several years as we wait in the hot sun or the rain to greet my son & the bus driver 🚌.
We have the best rescue 🐶 a family could ask for. He certainly leaves his 🐾 all over our ❤️ ❤️. His personality is so bright I have to wear shades😎.
A fave of mine are mirrored aviators. Turn them around to check your 💄 😊. Also shining brightly is my Star ✡️ necklace. Both can be found at terrific prices in my Amazon store: amazon.com/shop/rikkiragland

17 May 2019

Time for Prime!

Did you know that Amazon sells Apple compatible 🍎⌚️watch bands and accessories and Lilly 🌴 outfits?  Amazon also carries the cutest Jack Rogers. Many items qualify for Prime shipping, which means you could have your favorite outfit in 48⏰ hours! As for the long lashes, you can get those on Amazon too so your eyes don't look like this --> 👀 You will find great prices on all of these when you shop my Amazon store. 

14 May 2019

🎶 Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini...

She wore an "Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini."
So it may not be polka dot, but it is a yellow bikini and you can get it for under $25 when you
shop my link: Amazon.com/shop/rikkiragland and go to SWIMSUITS.
You will also find my fedora under WARDROBE. 

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05 May 2019

Dreaming of Cabo 🌴

Dreaming of Cabo! Saturdays are for poolside cocktails under a palm tree near the beach 🌴😎 Don’t forget your SPF and a lightweight Original Panama Jack to protect you from the rays. My favorite shades(almost sold out) and a great deal on my Panama Jack can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rikkiragland  and go to WARDROBE.
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01 April 2019

Hockey 🏒 Mom

The parents played Dash’s hockey team today! We tied 8-8. I am skating in the green Dallas Stars jersey with the puck. There is a reason why moms don’t try to start a hockey “career” at almost 50 yrs old! 😳

Today's event was brought to you by Advil, Tylenol, Aleve & Tiger Balm.
📸 + 📹 cred: Jason Brandt

27 March 2019

Hello Spring skin!

Goodbye to rough winter skin with Dove Body Polish from Sams' Club.
Hello Spring!!
#SAMbassador #sponsored #gigpig

25 March 2019

Faith, Race & Politics in America

I feel that we should bring back a show that I hosted in Chicago for PBS several years ago.
"Faith, Race & Politics" to openly address the issues in our country.

24 March 2019

14 February 2019

Signature Scent

A few of us tennis gals recently found out that we all have the same signature scent.