26 December 2009

home for the holidays (part I)

the holidays have always been a blast for my family because we celebrate hanukkah and christmas. here are a few photos from our christmas dinner celebration back east: the 15 ft. christmas tree- we had a feast fit for a king- then we all opened our poppers- and donned our crowns- more "home for the holidays" photos to come-

22 December 2009

our pierce brosnan snowball fight

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20 December 2009

louboutin for the holidays

There is nothing like the look and comfort of Christian Louboutin shoes! These are simply adorable to wear with your party outfit this holiday. They will look fabulous with an all black outfit, accented with a leopard print or fuchsia pashmina. These truly are a festival for your feet!

18 December 2009

preppy holidays

Add a little "Prep" in your step this holiday with this gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer pink and green Lee cardigan sweater. I am holding out hope that someone will love me enough to buy one for me too!

13 December 2009

ruby woo

The holidays are upon us & now is the time that I roll all of my red outfits out of the closets. Although Hanukkah is traditionally a blue & white holiday, RED seems to be the universal holiday color. This includes MAC's Ruby Woo red lipstick. This is my favorite shade of red lipstick and I wear it often in the winter. The trick to wearing this shade (which looks great on all skin tones!) is to wear very little eye make-up. I often adhere to the old rule of thumb: heavier eye makeup with sheer glossy lips; or accentuate your pout with just a coating of mascara on your eyes. Rarely, do I ever put a strong emphasis on both the eyes and the mouth, unless it is for a modeling shoot. For the holidays, I will put on some Ruby Woo, brush on just a light touch of gold, shimmery shadow and a coat of mascara. The entire application should take less than 10 minutes and you will look like a full-on glamor gal!

11 December 2009

07 December 2009

gone golfing-

hopefully, my back will allow me to make it past the third hole!

04 December 2009

henri bendel surprise-

We made a trip into one of my favorite shops, henri bendel, for a little surprise. Unfortunately, I cannot say what we bought or who the gift is for, because it would ruin the holiday surprise. After the holiday, I will certainly post a photo of the gift and what the recipient looks like when the present is opened!

02 December 2009

webcast wednesday: play day at the chicago aquarium-

On a trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, we found a very playful little otter.

30 November 2009

a texas style christmas

Although I do not celebrate Christmas, I did find the perfect stocking to hang over any fireplace...Texas style-

27 November 2009

black friday

Your guide to Black Friday sales

26 November 2009

23 November 2009

the secret lives of fortunate wives

This past weekend I picked up a new book to read: It tells of the wives living in posh Hunting Hills, Ohio, though the setting reminds me of a couple of other very specific neighborhoods I know outside of Ohio ;) รก la Stepford Wives, Desperate Housewives & "Real Housewives." Among the scandals, trysts and white-collar crime, author Sarah Strohmeyer, paints a vivid picture of the present-day fortunate wife.

20 November 2009

off to the beach-

back soon.

18 November 2009

webcast wednesday: JDRF children tell their stories

PLEASE help us find a cure! Donate to JDRF Dallas Your donations to help find a cure for diabetes are always appreciated! Your donations are 100% tax deductible. If you wish to send in a check, you can send it to: JDRF Greater Dallas Chapter 9400 N.Central Expressway, #1201 Dallas, TX 75231 Telephone: (214) 373-9808

15 November 2009

preppy in paradise

If your baby is not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she can at least look like it by popping into the world of Preppiness! Preppy in Paradise will allow your child to do just that. It is an adorable boutique with the most precious embroidered and monogrammed items for children, adults, laptops, pets and your household. Recently, I was browsing their baby items and they have some fabulous finds. I absolutely LOVE the baby scrubs, which can be monogrammed for your future little physician. Collegiate onesies are the perfect way to let your baby show his or her pride for your favorite university, especially as football season progresses towards the Bowl games! There are several t-short designs to choose from, like this little Preppy crocodile... or you can stick with the traditional monogram for your baby. It is never too early for your little one to start wearing her monogram around town. The Preppy in Paradise blog will keep you informed of special events and items that you need to know to keep up in the Preppy world. Be sure to check out all of their other items too. The baby items are just a sneek peak into this world of Preppiness!

11 November 2009

webcast wednesday: veteran's day salute

THANK YOU to all who have served in the military through the years. On this Veteran's Day we should be incredibly thankful to those who have made the greatest sacrifice and who continue to risk their lives for the safety of our country. I am very fortunate to have grown up in a military family and to be a WRAMC Brat.

09 November 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street

A show that has been a staple in the lives of children and adults!

06 November 2009

A salute to Colonel Littleton

As the daughter of a retired Army Colonel, it should be no surprise that I would be drawn to a company named Colonel Littleton. Based in my Grandmother's native Tennessee, Col. Littleton is a great taste of Americana. Leather bags, apparel, personal gear, journals and their Alligator collection offer very impressive products. Their customer service is impeccable too! I purchased this precious camp bracelet, personalized with my initials, but there was an issue with the size. Sadly, the small was still too big for my wrist! Thanks to Rebecca, it was quickly corrected and she sent me the new one with a personalized handwritten note thanking me for being a valued customer. Rebecca is fabulous and she has made me a very happy customer! I have told numerous people about Col. Littleton products and their staff. An added personal touch is a mini-moon pie that is included in your order. This really brings back memories for me. As a child, visiting relatives in Bluefield, West Virginia, I was greeted with fresh milk from the farm and a moon pie, and years later, my brother enjoyed mailing me moon pies while I was a TV reporter in Florida. Thank you Rebecca and Colonel Littleton!

01 November 2009

28 October 2009

webcast wednesday: unhappy halloween pups

Halloween can be traumatizing in more ways than one-

26 October 2009

our spirit halloween TV commercial!

please donate to our Sprit of Children campaign to assist hospitalized children!!

23 October 2009

19 October 2009

Sweet Tea Vodka Deep in the Heart of Texas

Every Southerner (and those from the Southwest) knows that there is nothing like sweet tea! I cannot tell you how much my northern & midwestern friends make fun of me when I cannot find a proper glass of sweet tea in their territory, but it certainly is a staple in "these parts." I am not talking about those yucky flavored teas, or unsweetened tea that requires you to add a packet of sugar. That is just simply not acceptable and absolutely unheard of in the South. When sweet tea collides with just the right amount of vodka, it becomes a whole different story, as one can tell with a sip of Jeremiah Weed or Firefly served in an old-fashioned over ice. I was introduced to Jeremiah in Dallas and enjoyed it. One evening I was having a "girls' night out" and a gal from Austin suggested that I try a Firefly. I immediately became a turncoat and liked this sweet tea vodka even better. Then in Houston.... James River Plantation was on the tab. Though, not as great as the Firefly, it is smooth on the rocks. Next on the list will be a Sweet Carolina. If you are from below the Mason Dixon, chances are you have already tasted at least one of these. As for you Yanks, give it a try...then at least you can be a Southerner at heart.

16 October 2009

fall fashion trend: vests

Vests are back with a vengeance this Fall. This is one article of clothing that seems to be more cyclical than most other trends. I remember throwing on a vest in high school and bringing them out again in college. Animal print vests were the rage WAY back then. This season, some of those prints are back, along with crests, stripes or plain & simple. I have my fair share hanging in my closet, but my favorite vest was a gift from my mother. It is a Jones New York crested vest that can be dressed up or worn very casual. I love wearing it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts (which I obviously wear more at our Dallas home than the Chicago one, where it has remained cold this year!) When it comes to the Windy City weather or the chill that has already hit DC, a heavier vest, such as RL's, is a popular choice for Chicagoans & Washingtonians. Celebrities are helping to keep this trend alive, wearing them over oxfords, tank tops or alone. ,