24 February 2013

Designer shoe...designed by YOU

Some time ago, I was shopping for boat shoes and realized that I had almost every color combination I could think of, with the exception of one. An obvious one to boot...pink & green. I had pink shoes and green shoes, but none that combined the two colors. Then I did some online shopping and came across Timberland's site to customize your own shoe!

I started my shoe from scratch, which stirred a lot of creativity

It is a very simple and easy process, You can choose to personalize your shoe with your initials or your fraternity or sorority letters. 

Timberland provides a step by step guide, selecting colors for the tongue of the shoe, panels along the side, collar and back, as well as the color of the stitch and laces. 

You can finish off your masterpiece with a stitch inside your shoe, showing that they are your creation. 
Voila, in about two weeks you will have your own design on your doorstep and ready to wear.