04 February 2013

Charm City's Super Bowl Champs

      It is a proud time to be a Marylander. 

It was quite a Super Bowl! Many thought the Baltimore Ravens had lost their "mojo" following the major blackout in the stadium after the half, but I never doubted them for a minute-despite the Niners closing the score gap.

I remember when the Ravens arrived in Charm City. Fans questioned their name (an ode to native Baltimorean & famed poet, Edgar Allen Poe) and their colors. You have to keep in mind, that the Ravens' arrival came after the Colts snuck away in the middle of the night on a Mayflower moving truck....then we inherited a Canadian Football team, also named the Colts, but later changed their name to the Stallions (thanks to a NFL lawsuit). Then, the Cleveland Browns moved into "The City that Reads" and became the Ravens. (whew!) If you can follow that, then you know that Baltimore is doubly excited over a World Championship. I think we ALL need to go to Disney World after all of this. 

           Mazel to the BALTIMORE RAVENS!!