08 May 2012

Preppiness on the links

I love golf! More than 16 years ago, I was sitting at my desk in a Florida newsroom when the assignment editor brought me a huge, heavy box that was sent to me from my brother in Alexandria, Virginia. To my surprise, it was a set of golf clubs and bag. He included a golf towel from The Greenbrier. The card attached said that he would be waiting for me on the links when I returned home for a visit! It was quite a gift.

I have enjoyed the game and donning a fabulous outfit for it ever since. A great game calls for a great pair of shoes and I found these several years ago by Footjoy.

Of course, a round of golf can make a player very thirsty and a monogrammed Tervis with a pretty pink golf cart is just the right thing for your beverage holder!

A monogrammed glove on your hand just may improve your swing-it has been proven by experts. OK, that may not really be true, but imagine how great your hand will look with your initials or monogram emblazoned on the back of it during your drives.

gloves from girlytwirly

When it is time to tee off, why not do it with preppy pink Tees and either personalized golf balls or ones with your sorority's name.

Off the course, I still show my love for the game with my stationery.

Boatman Geller

Very V. stationery

Golf is a wonderful sport and obviously one that is not "just for the boys" anymore!

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante