31 May 2012

The Final Shabbat

{Sigh} the school year has come to an end. It seems as if I just dropped off my little one for his FIRST day of preschool...and today it was over. We celebrated the end of the school season with a nice Shabbat celebration last Friday.

First, all of the parents watched a slideshow of the preschoolers, which showed us all of the things the wee-tots did during the school year, including their Passover play, Purim parade and Israeli birthday party. They have also enjoyed a school year filled with art projects, music classes & Hebrew. I crammed for my Hebrew classes while studying for my Bat Mitzvah. Clearly, our little mensch is well ahead of the game!
That's our little Sweet Pea on the screen, starting the show
Words of inspiration from the rabbi

After final words from the rabbi, it was time to start our Shabbat celebration:

Shabbat candles burning bright

Women cover our eyes after the candles are lit
while we say a Shabbat prayer

Each child has his or her own placemat at the table

The Kiddush, or prayer over the kid "wine" (juice)

Miss Elena plays Hebrew songs on her accordion-sounds like the authentic "Old Country."
The Shabbat setting: candles, kid "wine" and a loaf of challah bread with a cover that reads "Shabbat" in Hebrew

Real challah waiting to be opened & shared
Breaking bread
Guess who LOVES challah
Enjoying the Kosher kid "wine," thanks to Manischewitz

preschool teacher miss tali

hebrew teacher miss shellee

education director miss alyse

final kisses and waves of good-bye
See you in the fall!

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante