03 December 2011

Preppy & Sorority Rain Boots

With all of the rain falling around our region, many of us are eager to grab our Wellies before heading outside. Unless, of course, you are one of my cousins who has relinquished her "Wells", opting instead for her sorority boots by Zou Baby! This is some serious Greek pride when you can don your letters on a rubber boot.

If you are a non-Greek, or a "GDI", as it is called on most campuses, you can have your boots monogrammed. Tres adorable.

Simply choose the font and thread color.

There is nothing better than your little mini-me running around in his or her own pair of boots too, so Zou Baby has little tyke sizes from four through 11.

The boots will run you around $100 and ship rather quickly. Their company site says that you will receive your creation in about 7-10 business days. I foresee some Phi Mus on my feet in the near future.

with preppiness,