19 December 2011

Look to the BEAN!

I have always been a Bean girl. I love LL Bean's clothes and of course, who didn't have a pair of duck boots as a kid (especially if you were a kid of the 80s) and now I run around in my duck boot moccasins.

One day, I strayed from the Bean (gasp). During the height of the UGG craze, I bought this black pair for a chilly trip to Utah. I wore them for a few more consecutive trips there, where we often "Sundanced." They were comfortable and warm...for the most part. One appeal of the Ugg is that you can wear them sockless, thanks to the shearling lining, but I found that my feet were never warm enough.

With an impending trip back home to DC/MD, including a quick jaunt to NYC this winter, I am ready for a new pair of winter footwear. I noticed this pair of PAC boots from Kenetrek, which is said to be a "snug-fitting, totally waterproof and incredibly warm and comfortable" boot.

I have never tried a pair of KC PACS, but was intrigued. Then I couldn't stop thinking about the boots I had as a kid and in college, that never let me down. (My college Beans became too small over time). Like my moccasins, I love the blue & tan combination.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go back to the Bean and decided to order a pair online. But I was too late. Of course, my size was sold out (cue the crocodile tears). As the saying goes, "we always want what we cant have," and now I wanted the boots even MORE.

After a little phone consultation with a LL Bean rep, I am going to order them a little wider than my standard size and hope they are not too wide. If so, then I will simply return them and wait until FEBRUARY when my size is back in stock. I asked the rep to pack a little hope into the box that this pair won't be too big. Thankfully, he had a sense of humor.

Fingers crossed!

update: the boots were a *perfect* fit. I had also ordered them in a size smaller and now I am ready to wear them up & down the east coast.

with preppiness,