06 June 2011

NBA Finals: Mavs vs. Heat

The Mavs are back in Dallas to take on the Miami Heat for the NBA finals and the city has gone wild! When we arrievd at the American Airlines Center, these "Mavs Men" were seen roaming the corridors.

We ran into many loyal fanatics!

Inside, the overhead reminded all fans to don their blue t-shirts, which were on the backs of every seat.

Of course, we had ours in hand.

We arrived early and watched the center fill up in a sea of blue.

It was time for the team to warm up with our star players heading out first.

The official Mavs Man revved up the crowd for the game.

And I became revved up on a major sugar rush, thanks to some pink cotton candy-one of my weaknesses.

We spotted singer, Charley Pride, nearby.

Only in Texas will you find the patrolling police officers in cowboy hats.

Then it was time for the Mavs and Heat to hit the hardwood for the game.

But it would not end well for us, in such a close game!

with preppiness,