12 June 2011

ipad book series

I stumbled upon a book series under the category, "baby books," on my ipad last week. I *love* the series. It is from China, but you have the option of playing the narrative in English.

The greatest feature is the ability to record your own voice so your baby can hear you reading to him or her even in your absence.

It is quite comical to watch the baby's confusion as my voice reads "The Three Little Pigs" to him as I sit next to him. He looks as if he is trying to figure out why my voice is coming form the ipad but my mouth is not moving in person.

During my next visit to DC in a few weeks, I will have my parents each narrate stories for him, so I can carry their voices with us all of the time.

Ironically, we had already given the grandparents this recordable book from Hallmark to give to the baby, but now we will have my father-in-law and parents "go digital" as well on the ipad!

with preppiness,