18 June 2011

Girls' Night @ Grand Spa

I love a night out with my girls. This time we went to Grand Spa in Addison, sponsored by Addison Magazine. This was a great evening for me because my friends from various social circles had the opportunity to meet one another.
The evening began with a champagne queue that lead to the massage rooms. Here we received complimentary 15 minute head and neck massages. It was a great way to begin the night.
As more friends began to filter in, we enjoyed trying various products at different stations throughout the spa.
All of that pampering can make a gal hungry, so a few of us headed for Mexican food and caught up on what was happening in our lives. It was literally a chat & chew!
Here I am with friends and fellow bloggers, Amanda, Caroline & Ashley.
I then joined another set of friends at a restaurant next door for some more catching up. It is always a wonderful thing when I can get out of the house on my own for a bit and live it up with the girls!

with preppiness,