30 July 2009

what a PEACH-streets of buckhead

My home away from home growing up was Atlanta, Georgia. From the time when I was three-months-old, we would hop in a sleeper car on Amtrak and head for Peachtree Station to visit with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and a host of cousins. My favorite trip is always to Atlanta to see my relatives, dear friends and faithful Phi Mu sisters. Atlanta is a place where we enjoy pecan pancakes or shrimp grits for breakfast...sweet tea, yams, greens & black-eyed peas during dinner and my absolute favorite peach cobbler, which I could eat for every meal! Buckhead is my stomping ground and thanks to Ben Carter Properties, The Streets of Buckhead will be an ultra-fabulous addition to an already amazing part of the city. This exclusive dining and shopping mecca is set to open in Spring 2010 and it is certainly worth the wait! Check out the Streets of Buckhead website and bookmark this destination for one of your trips next Spring!