19 July 2009

beyonce's concert continues...single ladies are at the bottom

Prior to Beyonce's concert, some women were treated to a complimentary make-over and a tube of Extra-Volume Collagen mascara. My sister & I had a touch-ups by make-up artist Kenton... and received some hot make-up tips from artist, Denise Milloy. On our way into the concert, we ran into a very familiar team of guys. On stage, Beyonce was stunning in a white unitard and cape as she stood in front of a blue ocean background. On stage, one of Beyonce's dancers helped her do a quick change on stage into a bride while she sang, "Ave Maria" and "In the Arms of an Angel." Back into an edgier outfit- ...and into a long gold sequined gown for her stunning performance of "At Last." One of Beyonce's show highlights was a split screen of her performing as a child & her live performance on stage. Here is a snippet of Beyonce & her girls singing & dancing to the famous "Single Ladies".