10 July 2009

fake news gal pushing products

The beginning of the News 3 webpage reads, " I'm a 35-year-old news veteran, who's been covering health and wellness news for more than a decade. I admit I can sometimes be jaded and skeptical with an 'I've seen it all attitude.' Hmm, now there's one for you... What TV reporter in his/her right mind would admit on a website how "jaded" she can get covering a news story. Then the RED FLAG begins to wave as she continues, "When the news director John Beamer asked me to do an investigative report on the nutritional supplement Resveratrol, I had no idea that I would end up as the 'star' of my own story. But I did!" It is bad enough that many people do not hold the news industry in high regard as a trusted source for information anymore, then THIS pops up on my computer screen! This is a page of Katie Wilson, an alleged news reporter for the alleged KLMT in Sacremento, CA. Once you go to the site, you will see a drop down menu, like most news sites offering up weather, sports, etc. But if you try to access any of these, it redirects you to this ad. A nice added touch is the 60 Minutes video embedded on their homepage, as seen here
Drink To Your Health - Watch today’s top amazing videos here A small disclaimer below the tacky news 3 logo states that they "are not affiliated with a newspaper publication". I am well aware of advertorials-advertising made to look like a news editorial, but at what point is it taken too far? It stinks for people who don't know the difference between an ad and a real news story & take something like this as the gospel truth. How much does it blur the line between selling a product and reporting a reputable story? BTW, Katie needs to remove the shades from on top of her head before stepping in front of the camera-that's Journalism 101, young lady.