12 September 2011

PHI MU cookies (almost)

When my fraternity, Phi Mu, recently had our alumni kick-off meeting, I felt very ambitious to whip up some adorable pink and white treats for my sorority sisters. I ordered two cutters from Bake Greek and found some yummy confections for decorating. I was hoping to have a basket full of these when I was finished.
*Sigh,* but alas, the baby started crying as soon as I put the perfectly shaped "Phis" and "Mus" in the oven. It was a terrible week of teething and he needed a lot of attention, bless his little heart.
Needless to say, I ended up buying cupcakes for the Phi Mu kick-off because the overdone cookies in the oven could not be saved (insert very sad face here). On a positive note, giving the baby my undivided attention while the cookies turned to a crisp was well worth it. I was able to soothe the pain and get him to sleep. A sorority mother's work is never done.

with preppiness,