20 July 2011

Passport to the Islands

With his first passport in hand, a very sleepy baby boarded the plane for the Virgin Islands! St. Thomas, USVI, here we come.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton with my brother's family,

where the views from around the resort were breathtaking.

We decided to spend one morning by the pool. As we merrily headed that way, we heard blood-curdling screams mixed with laughter from children who were swimming. As I rounded the corner, I literally jumped when I saw what all of the craziness was about.

Iguanas were on the loose! It is quite common to see them roaming along the beach or on the sidewalks watching the people who are eager to take their photo.

This one had the baby on high alert. He wanted to make sure the multi-colored reptile didn't eat him for lunch!

The giant lizards didn't put a damper on our water fun. The beach felt like bath water

and the pool provided some cool relief from the hot summer sun.

Little Kipster and I stayed very happy...as long as we kept eating poolside!

Speaking of meals, in my next blog entry, I will take you into an old farm house that is older than the United States. Patrons take a tour of the kitchen and talk to the chef as they pick out various items that will end up on their plate, yum.

with preppiness,