17 July 2010

video: An Evening Backstage With Kenny Rogers

Yes, I know that I have spoken about Kenny Rogers quite extensively among my blog, Twitter & Facebook, but geez louise, the man is a legend. The influence of other artists has waxed and waned over the years, but Kenny has remained the only constant. I have talked about my favorite concerts of his as well as the KR poster I kept on my wall for years. It has been nearly SIX years since we last saw Kenny, but he remembers us well and I finally had the poster signed by him Friday evening before his concert. you can click to enlarge the photo below and read Kenny's message to me: Cory videotaped us backstage prior to the concert. Here you will see what an awesome person Kenny Rogers is and why he is so revered by his fans. I also want to thank Gene again for helping to make the last few years so memorable and for making our "meet & greets" possible.