15 May 2010

The Moose is Loose

Of all the animals in the world, three are tied as my favorite: the dog, bison & moose (blame it on my Native American roots). When it comes to my attire, I love almost anything with a moose on it. Several years ago, I picked up a cute little brown long sleeved moose Henley. Little did I know, that one day it would be paired with these adorable Lazy One moose lounge/sleep pants that I spotted during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. I was supposed to be shopping for a birthday present for my nephew, David, and suddenly took a detour for a few things for myself. Lucky for me, I also came across this pair of socks during my shopping excursion. They match the pants perfectly. By the way, I ended up buying Dave a stuffed animal moose for his bed and a bunch of other moose-related items. Ironically, I thought it would be a good time to pick up this little onesie while I was at it...although I was no where near being pregnant at the time. I was smart enough to get it in red so it would be fitting for a boy or a girl. Now when the little one arrives, he & his Mommy can be all "moosed" out when it comes to lounging around the house!