25 April 2009

A View from the Top-the Grand Canyon

What a way to usher in the spring. Cory & I took a trip to the Grand Canyon & I think the springtime is one of the best times to go. The most amazing way to see this great wonder is obviously by air, but by land is a treat as well. First we took a private plane over the Canyon. Our pilot, Mike, was fabulous. He had some very inspirational flying music pumped into our headsets as we took in the breath taking sight of the Canyon. One of my favorite songs, "Superman" by Five for Fighting was one of the songs that we heard as the plane soared over the top of the Canyon. After our tour with Mike, we took a brief break before heading to a helicopter for a great chopper ride to the bottom of the Canyon. Once we were at the bottom, we got into a boat for a riding tour down the river. (Yes, I still have my "bride" t-shirt nearly five years later.) After we reversed the trip-back in the helicopter and then to Mike's plane, he flew us over the Vegas strip to see the casinos from the air. And back on the ground just in time for a meal at the Bellagio.