26 April 2009

The Luxury Living Expo-told by a 10 yr. old

Today's blog is being taken over by my 10 year-old niece, Alex- My mom, Aunt Rikki and I went to the Luxury Living Expo today. There were a lot of cars, a few boats and a chef who cooked us duck. We watched the chef's demonstration, which I liked because I want to be a chef and a fashion designer when I grow up. My favorite part of the show were the cars and I liked sitting in the yellow Lamborghini. It was very small inside and it sat low to the ground. Only two people could sit inside and I could see over the steering wheel. My feet almost touched the pedals too. We also saw orange and green Ferraris and other sports cars, including some BMWs and a Mercedes. I also sat on a few motorcycles and putted on the green. One of my favorite things was the Steinway piano. I have been taking piano lessons for a few years and I had the chance to play Ode to Joy for several people. The show also had a couple of yachts. We could not go on them, but we could stand next to them and take photographs. I had fun at the Luxury show but I think it needs to be a lot bigger next year.