22 December 2012

Cabela's Kid

Cameron Alexander had to do two ads in one week. One was an industrial video for the American Heart Association and the other was for Cabela's Outfitters. The Cabela's shoot was especially fun because it was shot at the Dallas Arboretum, which is a gorgeous backdrop for any type of photo shoot.  Here is the little model pre-shoot, waiting for directions and the rest of his wardrobe, which were a mini pair of Merrells with bright orange laces. 


The crew set Cameron up on a short flight of steps on the far side of the Arboretum. It was serene and near a fountain. He listened very well to directions, which was quite impressive for someone who turned two-years-old two months ago. 

Some moms feel they need to be very hands-on during their kid's photo shoots. I prefer to stay nearby, but with very little input. I think it is important in modeling that parents not interfere in photo shoots. I was appreciative that I was able to take shots of my own without getting in the way. 

His shots will be used for Spring wear on their website and within all of their stores. I was shown, but will not post the final pics they will be using. You will have to wait until Cabela's rolls out their spring campaign for those. 

That's a wrap.