16 August 2012

Ta-Ta Tory

I love Tory Burch. Shoes, tunics, totes, wallets...she has certainly created some classic designs.

But there comes a time to purge things from the closet, and last week, it included some Tory.
These shoes were the first to go.

I realized that I have never really worn this pair of shoes, even though they were purchased about four years ago!
It was surely a sign to finally let them go. While they are a cute pair of shoes, they were not very comfortable and I have decided to put comfort in front of cuteness this time.

The same goes for this tunic dress.

In this case, I just "had" to have it when I bought it. It fit well and was comfortable, but the color was not as flattering as I thought it would be when I purchased it.

Now I am on a roll to rid my closet of other clothes and purses. I recently re-organized my closet, but I still wanted to "tweak" a few things. If you need to consolidate your closet, finding a good book may help you to get organized.

Book ideas will help you to get started, or in my case, help polish off what I began a little while ago. Who knows what else I may find this week! My purge may be someone else's great find.

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante