06 September 2012

Fashion's Night Out at Neiman Marcus

2009 invitation to Neimans Northbrook Court

My sister, LeAnita, and I began our Fashion's Night Out celebrations several years ago at the Northbrook Court Neiman Marcus in Northfield, Illinois.

After my move back to Dallas, I waddled through Highland Park Village (Highland Park, TX) at nine months pregnant for the big night with my sister. With swollen ankles & fatigue, I was dedicated, but did not enjoy it as much. A year later, and with baby in tow, I took my little male fashion plate to the Fashion's Night Out at the Willow Bend Neimans in Plano, Texas.

It was a late evening for my little one, but it gave him a great appreciation for fashion at the tender age of 11-months-old. Given that he ended up in Neiman's kids' fashion show six months later, I think it was smart to cart him around Fashion's Night Out.
This year, I left C. Alexander at home and headed back to the Willow Bend Neiman Marcus for a much needed ladies night at this year's fashion extravaganza.
I opted for an Asian-inspired look this year, with a red jacket, black pants and a red Asian print handbag.
My cinnabar & onyx necklace was by LeAnita

Marcus Wyss, VP & General Manager of Neiman Marcus, Willow Bend

As usual, Neimans put on a stellar fashion show, featuring exquisite outfits.

Key looks this fall include: Green attire of every shade, brushed gold accessories, leather, tweed, brocade, fur vests and statement pieces. Most importantly, blue is the new black!

the "scene" at NM Willow Bend

Chuck Steelman, Neiman Marcus corporate public relations

enjoying a wonderful girls' night out
making the night a family affair with my cousin

Fashion's Night Out is a worldwide event that was celebrated with more than 4,500 events in the U.S. last year. The event not only puts some fire under America's spending, it brings the consumer to the forefront of fall fashion.
an absolute FAVORITE of mine

Thanks to new ideas from the Neiman Marcus show, I foresee a green handbag in the near future (Happy Birthday to me!) It was a great way to kick-off the fashion season. The event calendar is filling up for most Dallas women, including another Neimans show on the horizon. Hold on tight, Fall is going to be a very swanky ride!

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante