13 June 2012

Hey Y'all, the EWINGS are back!!

I was Uber excited when this issue of D Magazine arrived in our mailbox.

Dallas was the HOTTEST show on TV when I was a kid. Before DVRs and even VCRs, families would rush home & sit in front of the TV to see what was up devilish JR's sleeve that week and to swoon over hottie, Bobby Ewing.

Now, it is BACK. The new Dallas will debut on TNT tonight at 9/8c.

A while ago, I took another trip out to South Fork Ranch, which is a must-see for many of my out-of-town guests who also watched the show, "back in the day." It is a fun place to go and reminisce about the show. Here is a reposting from my last visit with the Ewings.

REPOST: Who exactly shot J.R. Ewing? Many people may not remember the name of the woman who shot J.R., but they certainly remember that it happened on the show, DALLAS.That is where you will find me this weekend and this where many of the exterior shots of DALLAS happened. This is the set used for the show DALLAS. It is South Fork Ranch, home to J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) and his family, including his super adorable brother Bobby, played by Patrick Duffy. Dallas, Texas, is yet one more city on my list that I call home. I once worked for the NBC station here and at that time I must admit that it was not one of my favorite cities, but I have found a new appreciation for the Big D. I especially appreciate it on the cold days in Chicago when Cory & I can hop a plane for our Dallas residence. The city is growing by leaps and bounds and is nearly unrecognizable compared to when I lived here the first time. On the South Fork Ranch you get insider secrets about the show that had America and countries around the world captivated. The Ranch is preparing for a reunion BBQ with the cast of DALLAS here in November. It’s time for us to chow down on some Texas chili with some sweet tea at the Miss Ellie cafe. Tell me if you remember WHO SHOT J.R.? After all of these years, Bobby Ewing still has a place in my heart. Even the next generation of Ewing men cannot compete with him!

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante