25 December 2010

Crybaby Matinee

The baby took his first trip to the movies! Ironically, I won't allow him to watch television at home because of his young eyes, yet I subjected him to a two hour flick on a large screen.

He and other babies were welcomed guests thanks to the Angelika and the Crybaby matinee.

Each week the Angelika encourages parents to bring their baby to the movies! Sometimes they provide a changing table within the theater (though they did not this time) and the lights are dimmed so you can see your baby in the dark. We have two Angelikas in our area, which means we can see two different movies in any given week.

We decided to see The Tourist, despite the poor reviews online.

Each baby simply sat in his or her car seat, which was placed on the movie seat.

During the film I had to leave to do a diaper change and when I returned I felt that I really had not missed much in the movie. That is my way of saying the reviews were fairly accurate.

There were a dozen people in attendance and four of them were babies. Surprisingly, all of them were very quiet, with the exception of a certain *someone* who was sitting in my lap and chatting to himself in his own "baby" language! The Crybaby matinee is a unique way to spend time with your baby, while still keeping up with current films.