13 December 2009

ruby woo

The holidays are upon us & now is the time that I roll all of my red outfits out of the closets. Although Hanukkah is traditionally a blue & white holiday, RED seems to be the universal holiday color. This includes MAC's Ruby Woo red lipstick. This is my favorite shade of red lipstick and I wear it often in the winter. The trick to wearing this shade (which looks great on all skin tones!) is to wear very little eye make-up. I often adhere to the old rule of thumb: heavier eye makeup with sheer glossy lips; or accentuate your pout with just a coating of mascara on your eyes. Rarely, do I ever put a strong emphasis on both the eyes and the mouth, unless it is for a modeling shoot. For the holidays, I will put on some Ruby Woo, brush on just a light touch of gold, shimmery shadow and a coat of mascara. The entire application should take less than 10 minutes and you will look like a full-on glamor gal!