05 June 2009

Votre Vu

I've learned a lot from les Parisians. First, they taught me how to speak their language rather fluently, then I learned that some of the most efficient products for the best facials were developed by them, especially their Votre Vu skin care line. Not to mention a great facial accompanied by a fabulous French "vin"! Votre Vu provides essential serums, cremes, masques & gelees to provide your skin with a beautiful, fresh glow. After my recent Caribbean get-a-way, my skin certainly needs to be hydrated & I could not have started using Votre Vu at a better time. Although I had already been fortunate enough to inherit great skin genes, I am determined to keep my face looking at least 7-10 years younger than what is printed on my birth certificate! It is an indulgence that is well worth it and your skin will feel silky smooth with their products. Take your face and hair on a much needed Parisian holiday with Votre Vu.