05 October 2008

Galveston after Hurricane IKE

Sadly, it will take a VERY long time before Galveston, Texas, recovers from Hurricane Ike. There is complete devastation in the Bay City just south of Houston. Homes are gone & those that survived will more than likely end up abandoned. With no electricity or plumbing (there are port-a-potties on every other block), Galveston is now a ghost town. Trash mounds about 50 feet high and torn up buildings litter this coastal city. Gas stations have simply collapsed on themselves and hotels and other buildings will remained closed for a while. Driving down I-45 South from Houston to Galveston there are boats scattered along the interstate from where Ike lifted them out of the water and threw them about. The boat pictured above is sitting on the shoulder of I-45. The photo of the building next to the port-a-potty with all of the boarded windows is the JP Morgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston. It is the tallest five-sided building in the world & sustained a lot of damage with blown out windows. Keep the people of Galveston in your prayers!